Dramafy Testimonials

What are people saying about Dramafy? Here are some reviews and testimonials of Dramafy from our listeners.

General Testimonials

“The other day I was wishing I could listen to a short story to pass the time while driving through Los Angeles. A friend told me about Dramafy, and I discovered it’s the perfect thing! From the variety of genres, eras, and generations there is something for everyone, and every mood. It’s like bite-sized helpings of fun that spark the imagination, break the monotony, and provide the perfect escape.”

—Pamela R., Los Angeles, CA

“Dramafy is so fun!”

—Shauna B., Boulder, UT

“I absolutely love Dramafy! Great entertainment for the mind! I can’t wait to see your library grow.”

—K. Vernon C., Memphis, TN

“I think Dramify is a fantastic concept and perfectly timed to fill a huge void especially with what’s going on in the events of the world. People are desperate for great entertainment. And I love the idea of the shorter stories for those twenty-minute car rides to and from work. Last week I drove to work and only heard 1 song sandwiched by commercials. Dramify is coming at the perfect time and I can’t wait to start listening.”

Mike S.

Testimonials about Audio Dramas

“I LOVE Dramafy. I’m a huge audio fiction fan but my local library only has a handful to choose from. Finally there’s a place I can find them, a lot of them! There is a great selection with more to come. I liked Dramafy so much I gave my father-in-law a year’s subscription!”

Kristin H. West Jordan, UT

“I just love what I’m listening to and I can’t wait for more!”

—Sharon S., Draper, UT

“Dramafy’s classic radio genre takes you back to the golden age of radio! [It’s] like a streaming time machine!”

—Jay N., Springville, UT

“This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. I am listening to “String of Pearls” right now.”

—Arron M. 

Testimonials about the Website

“I love the layout and the atmosphere of the website. I can think of many, many types of people who will get a kick out of it. Many will become daily addicts to your website!” 

—Greg K., Park City, UT