Frequently Asked Dramafy Questions

Here, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about Dramafy.

What is Dramafy?

Dramafy is an Audio Drama streaming service that helps the listener escape from their mundane, daily tasks to a world of engaging stories that will enlighten, enrich, and entertain in a Safe Listening Space. 

It is also a one-stop marketplace for Content Creators to share their Audio Dramas for listeners to find and enjoy.

Great stories help us expand our empathy and understanding of humanity whether we’re stuck in traffic, doing mind-numbing work, or simply wanting to relax.

What is an Audio Drama?

Audio Dramas are completely scripted, completely cast with actors, and completely sound designed. The easiest way to define it is: It’s like old time radio shows. Audio Dramas are often called Audio Fiction or Podcast Fiction.

Why did you create Dramafy?

We saw an underserved niche in the audio market. Large marketplaces fully serve music and podcasts. But, they neglect the wonderful and beloved art form of Audio Drama leaving it out in the cold, drowning in a sea of confusing and unrelated content.

What’s unique about Dramafy?

Our uniqueness is twofold: First, we are a Safe Listening Space for our subscribers. We are a curated marketplace and as such have Standards and Practices. This allows us to host content suitable for all audiences. Second, we create a marketplace for creators of Audio Drama in a myriad of genres. We help these creators earn with our revenue sharing program in which we reserve 10% of our gross income to share with the creators based on listener usage.

How Does Dramafy Work and how much does it cost?

Dramafy is a subscription streaming service.  As such we have a two-tier subscription model: Tier one—free and ad-supported; Tier two—$3.99 per month and ad-free.

What kind of Audio Dramas does Dramafy feature?

Many subjects and many genres. Dramafy features contemporary Audio Dramas made by writers and producers who have their fingers on the pulse of this country.  Dramafy also produces original Audio Dramas that speak to, and entertain, our audience. And, Dramafy features classic old time radio dramas that have lasted in our hearts for decades. We do not shy away from controversial subjects as long as they thoughtfully and respectfully present it and abide by our “Standards and Practices.”

Why have you chosen to curate your site and operate within a boundary of “Standards and Practices?”

It’s a strategic business choice. The smartest business models service the largest possible audience. When we looked at the film business, a close sister of Audio Drama, we found that, of the top 50 grossing films of all time, only one film has an R rating (ranked at #31). The rest of the films on the list are PG-13 or less. The music business realizes the same thing as reported in a recent New York Times article: “The existence of a clean version can increase some albums’ sales as much as 30 percent.” The writer of the article further states, For artists who do not self-censor, the risk may simply be invisibility.” So having a business model that includes “Standards and Practices,” for us, makes sense.