How to Submit Audio Dramas

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How to Submit Audio Dramas to Dramafy

We’re excited for you to submit your series! And, we’re glad you’re taking the opportunity to make your work more widely available while earning revenue from it! Let us explain how to submit Audio Dramas to Dramafy. It is very simple.

Go to and select “Submit an Audio Drama” from the sidebar menu and follow these four steps.

how to submit Audio Dramas to Dramafy
  1. Tell us about yourself
    1. This is basic information about you.
    2. You’ll also be asked to identify any other owners of the content you are submitting.
  2. Tell us about your Audio Drama
    1. Provide the basic information such as series name, length, genre, etc.
    2. Write a short synopsis of the series.
  3. Read and agree to the “Revenue Sharing Program,” the “Standards and Practices,” and the “Submission Guidelines”
    1. Read through all of the legalese and check the box that you’ve read and agree to the terms.
    2. The “Standards and Practices” includes our content guidelines including acceptable language. Remember, we’re trying to keep our audience broad by making Dramafy a resource for all-audience content.
  4. Upload your series’ Artwork and the first episode of your Audio Drama
    1. Artwork can be up to 5 MB in jpeg, jpg, png, or pdf format.
    2. Audio files can be up to 40 MB as a 123k MP3 or better.

After you’ve submitted the first episode of your series, we’ll review it to ensure it meets our content standards and get back to you approximately two weeks. When your Audio Drama is approved, we’ll send instructions for uploading the rest of the episodes and any other information or content we need including cast and crew credits, payment information, etc.

When your series is live on the website and app., you’ll start earning every time someone listens to your Audio Drama on Dramafy.

If you’re experiencing issues in the submission process or further questions, please contact us at

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